Lamborghini: The Man Behind the Legend
1h 37min
Lamborghini: The Man Behind the Legend Movie Poster - Frank Grillo, Romano Reggiani, Matteo Leoni
South Africa - 13L
Release Date
Fri 18 November 2022
Directed By
Robert Moresco
Frank Grillo, Romano Reggiani, Matteo Leoni, Hannah van der Westhuysen
Plot Summary
Follows the launch of Lamborghini’s career as a manufacturer of tractors, a creator of military vehicles during World War II, and the designer of Lamborghini cars, which he launched in 1963 as the high-end sports car company Automobili Lamborghini.
Release Dates
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Classification Codes (South Africa)
(B) Blasphemy, (D) Drugs (L) Language, (M) Mature Audiences, (N) Nudity, (P) Prejudice, (PG) Parental Guidance, (S) Sex, (V) Violence
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