The Wandering Earth 2 (3D)
2h 53min
The Wandering Earth 2 3D Movie Poster - Andy Lau, Wu Jing, Li Xuejian
Sci-Fi, Action, Drama
South Africa - 13LPV
Release Date
Fri 10 March 2023
Directed By
Frant Gwo
Andy Lau, Wu Jing, Li Xuejian, Sha Yi, Ning Li, Wang Zhi, Zhu Yanmanzi
Plot Summary
Humans built huge engines on the surface of the earth to find a new home, but the road to the universe is perilous. In order to save earth, young people once again have to step forward to start a race against time for life and death.
Release Dates
Not all cinemas get a movie on its release date. Sometimes it takes a few weeks to reach a cinema so keep checking.
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Classification Codes (South Africa)
(B) Blasphemy, (D) Drugs (L) Language, (M) Mature Audiences, (N) Nudity, (P) Prejudice, (PG) Parental Guidance, (S) Sex, (V) Violence
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